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Evolving technology and the increasing risks for your business require options that are better for your company in terms of budget, flexibility, simplicity and cost effectiveness. At the end of the day, all of us are looking for effective and efficient security.

From individual plans through annual contracts, Open-Sec provides these options with the same main features across them including unlimited access to our ASM Pentester.One platform, and supported by our offensive security professionals around the world.

The customer may run the tests sequentially or in parallel
Each test can be requested 24 hours in advance
Automated tests only
Manual tests
Purchased under annual contract (fixed quarterly billing)
The quantity of days and/or execution time is defined based on the size of each application (according to the business functions) and/or the number of systems at the infraestructure level
Access to ASM Pentester.One platform
ASM Pentester.One platform includes automated testing and threat intelligence (1)
Pentesters 100% dedicated exclusively and permanently to your business
Support and guidance from the entire Open-Sec team in vulnerability management
Direct contact with pentesters
Unlimited vulnerability resolution confirmation (re-test) within a one-year period (2)
Includes Executive and Technical Standar Report for PCI DSS, SWIFT, HITRUST compliance
Includes Report customization (1)
Real-time notifications

(1) With the purchase of a minimum of 3 packs.

(2) It includes a single re-test for each vulnerability reported within one year after.

If you have any questions about any of our models or if you are interested in any of them, contact us and our representatives will get in touch with you!