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Since we started in 2006, Open-Sec is focused on providing dynamic offensive security services for companies that require the evaluation of risks faced by their information assets, no matter what kind of technology is being used for their operations.

We are not limited to find and explain vulnerabilities or just provide recommendations, we are commited to your business goals, and as such, we work together with your team looking for what is really important: be prepared for the attacks, and don't let them stop your business.

Our well seasoned team of security professionals is here to help you to secure your company, simplify security management and accelerate your business.











Our services are customer focused in order to maximize their investment in security testing to improve your security posture for successful business.

We commit to provide your with Positive Hacking through offensive security services with three main premises:


Sophisticated or not, every day attacks are not hidden science. You can understand every step used by attackers, however, this is not useful because prevention and remediation remain as complex procedures. From reporting to vulnerability management, Open-Sec team is committed to provide you with a simple way to define the security testing that fit your business requirements, and work together to achieve a constant and continuous good standing in security based on Keep It Super Simple.


Open-Sec team is committed to provide offensive security testing focused on your business at the strategy and management level, but up to the operational level as well. In this way, we can work together to achieve a constant and continuos security posture that not only meets regulations, but guarantees a maturity level according to current and future times.


Offensive security services should be perceived as an enabler, and not an inhibitor for businesses. This is the core of Positive Hacking: provide security testing services that enables you to conduct successful businesses in the right time because our customers don't hire stoppers, they hire a team of security professionals that are always leverage excellent deals for our customers.

Open-Sec was established in Peru in 2006, and in the United States in 2018 improving our global coverage.

  • United States
  • El Salvador
  • Panamá
  • Colombia
  • Ecuador
  • Perú
  • Bolivia
  • Argentina
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  • Pakistán



We apply methodologies and techniques of security based on international standards.

Agile and Continuous Pentesting

Accurate and appropriate security testing at each stage of the pipeline according to agile methodologies that can be executed in short periods of time with immediately achievable solutions under the support of our experts in offensive security for applications.

Pentesting for compliance

Standards and regulations such as PCI DSS, SWIFT, SOX, HITRUST and those of local scope (country or region) require to perform security tests at infrastructure and application level under a definition of scope, and remediations that are effective and efficient for compliance that allow to conclude in successful audit processes.

Pentesting for Acquisitions, Mergers, and Third Party Services

Being aware of the actual risk level of the information assets exposed through technology is an important evaluation point when it comes to the incorporation of new organizations into corporations. Testing security and remediating vulnerabilities before the potential buyer or new business partner does is vital.

Pentesting at all levels

Specific testing for assets ranging from on-premises infrastructure to Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), from web and mobile applications that have a backend in a traditional data center to Software and Platform as a Service (SaaS and PaaS), proprietary and third-party APIs, Industrial Control Systems (ICS) and Critical Infrastructure (CI).

Pentesting in the retail sector

Devices such as PoS incorporate a great amount of functionalities nowadays and their expansion at all levels is massive. In addition, complementary applications and integrations end up being the perfect complement for environments where the protection of personal information and fraud prevention are extremely important.

Pentesting Financial Environment

The financial environment has been revolutionized with changes ranging digital transformation to operations based on cryptocurrencies and, in all cases, the potential for fraud is high. Without leaving aside the need to test the different service channels (including ATM), security testing is required for digital products and fintech services that require a security enabling concept and not an inhibiting one.

Red Team

Years of experience performing diverse security testing in different organizations globally allows us to have a team of offensive security experts who develop red teaming operations providing real value in threat emulation and adversary simulation exercises. For different levels of cybersecurity maturity, we can provide the appropriate type of exercises on a timely and continuous basis.

Summary of services catalog


  • At the traditional Data Center level (on-premises).
  • At the level of Infrastructure, Software and Platform as a Service (cloud).
  • At Application level (DAST, SAST) [Frontend and Backend] [, client/server, standard and proprietary APIs, microservices].
  • At the payment services level (merchant, gateway, processor, issuer, acquirer)
  • At the level of Industrial Control Systems (ICS).

Security Testing

  • Security Testing for Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs), and Real/Virtual Points of Sale (PoS).
  • Switches and Transactional Authorizers.
  • Social Engineering and Physical Intrusion Tests.
  • Red Teaming Operations.
  • DevSecOps Deployment.